Peckish Complete 5kg

Peckish Complete 5kg

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Peckish Complete Seed & Nut Mix is a unique blend that’s packed with energy & nutrition. Everything that a bird needs to fuel them for longer. More seeds, simply means more birds, because our mix contains 12 ingredients specifically chosen to attract a wide variety of birds. The seed husks have also been removed so there is no waste or mess involved. Furthermore, Peckish Complete Seed & Nut Mix contains Calvita® Vitamin mix which is our unique blend that garden birds need to stay healthy.

Read our article to find out why Calvita® is so important for birds.

  • Packed with 12 different ingredients
  • High Energy
  • No mess, no waste
  • Proven to attract the UK’s top 10 garden birds
  • With added Calvita® Vitamin Mix
  • Peckish Complete is also available in Energy BitesEnergy Balls and Suet Cakes
  • Peckish Complete also has a range of feeders which are the perfect match for our food:
  • Why Use Peckish Complete Seed & Nut Mix

    1. More seeds for more birds

    Our Complete Seed & Nut Mix contains 12 ingredients each specifically chosen to attract a variety of birds.

    2. No Mess – Husk Free

    The seed husks have been removed so there is no waste or mess.

    3. Calvita® Vitamin Mix

    Enriched with our unique blend of vitamins and nutrients that garden birds need to stay healthy. Calvita includes…

    • CAROTENOIDS – Develops feather colour and protects from sunlight damage
    • CALCIUM – Promotes bone & feather growth and essential for egg production
    • VITAMINS A,D,E & BIOTIN – Strengthens beaks & bones and helps growth & reproduction
  • Ingredients
    • Kibbled Wheat
    • Red Millet
    • Red Dari
    • Kibbled Maize
    • Sunflower Hearts
    • Flaked Naked Oats
    • White Millet
    • Naked Oats
    • Safflower
    • Pinhead Oats
    • Kibbled Peanuts
    • Oyster Shell Grit

    What to Expect

    Peckish Complete Seed and Nut Mix will attract the following birds:

    • Dunnock
    • Robin
    • House Sparrow
    • Goldfinch
    • Bullfinch
    • Blue Tit
    • Chaffinch
    • Greenfinch
    • Coal Tit
    • Long Tailed Tit
    • Great Tit
    • Song Thrush
    • Blackbird
    • Nuthatch and many more!