Seasol Seaweed Concentrate 1L

Seasol Seaweed Concentrate 1L

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Seasol seaweed concentrate is an all-natural plant tonic, offering a complete treatment for all areas of the garden, promoting healthy growth of plants, flowers, vegetables and even lawns. Derived from a blend of the finest brown kelps from around the world, it contains useful micronutrients and is rich in trace elements. Used regularly, the concentrate has been proven to provide excellent chemical-free plant nourishment.

Supplied in a highly concentrated liquid form, it will treat up to 133 square meters and will make up to 300ltr of ready feed.

A complete organic garden treatment for the healthy growth of plants, vegetables and flowers.

- Stimulates root development

- Promotes healthy growth in all plants

- Enhances flowering & fruiting

- Increases resistance to heat, drought, frost, pests & disease

- Improves seed germination rates

- Liquid concentrate, treats up to 133 square metres

- Fast-acting liquid, effective when applied to soil or foliage