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Hyacinth Delft Blue

Hyacinth Delft Blue

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Porcelain blue flowers for indoor fragrance. RHS Award winner

January Onwards

25cm/10 inches

Prepared hyacinths are specifically suited to be grown indoors.  When planted before the end of September, they can flower from mid-December onwards.     They can also be grown in hyacinth "glasses" using only water.

Can be grown in almost any container, using bulb fibre.     Plant up to 5 per container, leaving the neck of the bulb protruding above the surface.  Water, then place in a cool, frost free spot at a maximum temperature of 9ºC / 48ºF. Check weekly.

When growing in water, a piece of charcoal will keep the water sweet.  Hyacinths bulbs can cause a skin irritation. Please use gloves or wash hands after handling.