Gro-sure Fine & Luxurious Lawn Seed Bag 100sq.m

Gro-sure Fine & Luxurious Lawn Seed Bag 100sq.m

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Gro-Sure Fine & Luxurious Lawn Seed is a blend of superior grass seed varieties to create show-stopping lawns. It is ideal for starting a new lawn, over-seeding worn grass and also filling in bare patches. This seed will create lawns that feel and look luxurious and will also help to deter birds from feeding too.

Your lawn will look and feel luxurious while maintaining its colour all season long.

In good conditions, this Fine & Luxurious Lawn Seed could show blades of grass in as little as 3 weeks.

Fine-bladed grass
Feels and also looks luxurious
Maintains colour all season long
Seed treatment to help deter birds from feeding
Sow from March to May, and September to October