Green Up Lawn Sand 56m2

Green Up Lawn Sand 56m2

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The most advanced lawn feed

Green Up Enhance Lawn Feed has been formulated to create the most advanced lawn feed available and is frequently used by professional groundsmen and greenkeepers.

Part of the Green Up Enhance range, it provides a unique organic nutrient delivery system (ONDS) which targets the roots for strong root and turf growth.

Green Up Enhance Lawn Feed:

  • Includes a thatch buster to eliminate dry patch
  • Contains a combination of amino and humic acids
  • High nitrogen feed developed for use during spring and summer

Containing nutrients, turf wetter, plant vitamins and molasses, the feed’s organic content stimulates soil microbial activity.

It is this steady release of nutrients which delivers improved root development throughout the season to give a high quality, professional grade lawn with good drought resistance.

Ideally applied with a spreader, Green Up Enhance Lawn Feed should be used between March and September when lawns are actively growing. Repeat at six-eight week intervals.

For best results apply when the soil is moist and the weather fine and warm. Water-in if no rain falls within 48 hours.