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The genus name is derived from the Greek word adiantos, which means ‘unwetted’- an apt description as its leaves repel water. They have delicate fan-shaped leaf segments, typically clustered on wiry black stems. 

  • Position: Indirect sunlight only. Avoid harsh light or direct rays, as the delicate leaves can burn easily. 
  • Water: Water every 1 to 2 days, ensuring soil is consistently moist. 
  • Temperature: Keep above 21°C, away from cold drafts. Prefers a moisture rich environment such as a bathroom or greenhouse. 
  • Ultimate Height: 30cm-60cm.
  • Pot Size: 12cm 

Although the adiantum is visually stunning throughout all stages of their growth, they are considered a slow-growing fern, typically taking up to three years to reach their full mature size.