We offer outstanding help and advice, from choosing the correct plant through to choosing the right compost, feeds, pots and tools.

Whether you are a serious gardener who spends hours of careful time cultivating your patch, or someone who enjoys low maintenance or ‘instant gardening’, you are sure to be amazed at the vast range of plants and products available.

Garden Equipment and Tools

If you need help with finding the right garden tool for the right job, then our team at Milestone can help you.  We have everything you need to help you keep your garden looking in top condition.  Our garden tool brands include Joseph Bentley Traditional range, Yeoman quality gardening products and a selection of essential Draper DIY tools.

Lawn Care

A well looked after lawn is the sign of a good gardener and at Milestone we have all that you need to achieve the perfect lawn.  From watering systems, feeders and feed applicators to compost and weed killer products.

Don’t forget that if you need help or advice on any of the lawn products then just ask a member of the team.


Thinking about creating a new path or patio area?

We have all that you need from a wide selection of stones and chippings to paving slabs and paving sets that you can create half or full circle features.  Paving slabs and sets come in a variety of colours that will fit in with your style.


If you need to create sections within your garden or fence off the garden to other neighbouring properties, then at Milestone we have a large selection of of log rolls, fencing and trellises that will  do just the job.

Garden Décor

Have you thought about having a feature piece in your garden?

Milestone has a range of garden décor products that will add a bit of character to your garden.

Pest Control

Do you need to keep pests in check?  Milestone stock a comprehensive range of pest control products to keep away the common garden pests.

Eden Greenhouses - Milestone Garden Centre_7690Eden Greenhouses

Eden is one of the UK’s longest established greenhouse manufacturers with a reputation for both quality and value.

When you purchase an Eden greenhouse from Milestone, you know that you are buying a product known for its robust construction, its high-quality framework that provides long-life without maintenance and, they are easy to assemble.

Eden greenhouses come in a choice of finishes including natural aluminum, green or black. The range of greenhouses also have an extensive range of value for money accessories and options.

If you’re looking for a quality greenhouse, then pop along to Milestone and talk to one of our team.

Eden – Zero Threshold™

Milestone Garden and Leisure is pleased to be stocking the Eden revolutionary, patent pending, Eden Zero Threshold ™ sliding door system.

This new system is available on the new Birdlip, Burford, Blockley and Bourton ranges. The Zero Threshold™ greenhouse door system has been developed so that the door will not jam, like so many do in the marketplace, as well as removing the need of the traditional threshold bar, meaning that there is no possibility of them tipping over.